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CNC Laser and Portable Cut Machine setup and Troubleshooting Warrinty

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Mission Statement

Why are we importing CNC products?

The use of CNC technology can only increase in the future. Very expensive machines which have been available for many years saving time, money and often doing things with the accuracy and repeatability we could only dream of are now being manufactured in China where production costs are lower and quality keeps improving. Our aim is to supply a quality product at an attractive price that anyone from an individual (artist) small business (fabricator, manufacturer) to a large Company (mining company) will reflect on how they ever did with out their new machine. The SCPF2515 Plasma,Flame cut machine is the first machine we have imported, we have tested machines capabilities quality, usability and are very satisfied. New machines are now arriving. CNC products do have a learning curve our aim is as well as selling the machine giving you the tools to get your new machine working for you quickly. These tools are not a substitute for learning to operate your machine properly but a quick start to get you up and making parts and money with your machine as soon as practical.

Productivity: jobs you used to either send out to get cut, or you roughly cut by hand in your shop can now be cut repeatably and accuratly when and where you want.

Repeatability: once you draw your part you can cut out as many as you want when you need.

Accuracy complex shapes are drawn and after conversion to gcode are ready to cut (there are some limitations on accuracy in plasma cut bolt holes)

Cost: our belief is at the price of these machines in the right hands they will pay for themselves many times over.

The sr2515 has 24 common usable shapes included in the software, they are able to be edited in the machine. Size, radius etc can be adjusted ready to get you cutting quickly.

The process of getting your ideas ready to cut.

Draw the part using your favorite drawing program (it needs to export dxf file) eg corel-draw,autocad or cad-cam program eg fastcam or Starcam

Use cad-cam to edit drawing remove guide lines etc run auto entry/exit. Out-put gcode,check simulated cut paths, indicate start/finish location and verify. Save gcode nc to usb drive, load usb to cnc machine, set speeds etc to size of material and you are ready to cut.

Email Graeme at sales@coletoolcentre.com.au for more information/enquiries.