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IMPTFD00106 90 Degree Drill adapter
The 00106 Collet Style Kit uses straight shank drill bits (3/32", 1/8", 5/32", and 3/16") with matching collets
instead of the need for threaded shank drill bits. The Kit includes: a comfortable, compact
non-slip right-angle drill attachment suitable for use with any portable power drill
four short length (1.1875") National Aerospace Standard 907B non-wandering precision twist drill bits
four precision-machined threaded collets for each of the listed diameters; and a tight fit three-way steel wrench

To reduce the chance of gear failure and to extend tool life, please follow these suggestions.

1. Reduce RPM speed and drilling pressure at drill "break through".
2. Drill small holes first and then enlarge the holes progressively
3. Peck drill deep holes to clear chips from the flutes
4. Coolant use will extend tool life
5. Re-point drill bits when they become dull

CAUTION: Always wear safety glasses when using these tools
Do not use TightFit® Drills and attachments counter clockwise (in reverse)
Do not exceed 2500 RPM. Keep tools out of the reach of children

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Twist Plier Large 9 inch Small 6inch

Cable Cutter
Capacity 3/16" wire rope
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